Wedding cake


If weddings are dreams then we are the dream maker.

We'll find the place, hand write the invitations, bake a divine cake, weave magic with flowers, create wondrous food, look after Aunt Agatha and calm the nerves of the best man - but we won't catch the wedding bouquet!

Perfection, detail, care and inspiration; these are the qualities that we bring to a day which, for both of us, is one of the most important in your life.

Our designers will guide you effortlessly through the labyrinth of selecting the perfect location, flowers, wines, music; even down to the tiniest petal placed on a napkin.

Allison Cumming Catering Consultants would be more than happy to create a customized menu for your next event.

Together we can plan, organize and execute the perfect event, be it for two or two thousand.

View selected wedding menus suggestions here or contact us for a custom menu created just for you.

Have a special venue or menu in mind? We can probably arrange it for you! Call Call Allison Cumming Gourmet Catering at (416) 892-1120 for a complimentary consultation.