Our staffing services


One of the most important things that make us so unique is our staff. We work with the best staffing agencies in the city. Our superb Chef is the final link between creativity and instructing the staff as to the importance of a finely tuned sensitivity to the needs of you and your guests.

Why should you hire staff?
Staff should be attentive, charming and quietly efficient. They never forget they are there to serve you and your guests in a professional, courteous and friendly manner.

How many Waiters/waitresses do I need for my party?
A ratio of one waiter to every 10-15 guests plus the kitchen brigade suffices for most events.

Our Staffing Services
Chef - $40.00 per hour minimum 4 hours,
Waiters/Bartenders - $30.00 per hour minimum 4 hours
Supervisors - $50.00 per hour minimum 4 hours