More than food

More Than Food

'Why was it such a great party?...

The success of an event is dictated as much by where it is held as by the food, drink, staff and decoration.

What you drink has little to do with the success of a party. 'You should enjoy your own party' she warns 'You can serve the finest wines in the world, but it doesn't matter a bit if you don't introduce people to each other... Your guests want to be recognized and introduced to “your” guests.

Why is décor and entertainment so important to make my event a success?

Dining in fancy hotels and restaurants no longer has the enchantment it had some years ago. Many of your potential guests frequently dine at such places. Good food would get you compliments for your choice of venue, but it is the entertainment and décor that will win you accolades for an excellent function. Décor and entertainment distinguishes your function from others and it would definitely be the most-remembered aspect of your function.

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